FAQ Documents and SOPs During Covid-19

Let us fight the COVID’19 outbreak together

To provide a Safe & Hygienic Passenger Transportation Experience, below are some FAQs and initiatives that ECO has implemented:


What is the Seating occupancy that is advisable per vehicle type?

  • Use 30%-40% of the vehicle’s seating capacity (passengers should sit in a zig-zag pattern)
  • Sedan type vehicle: Chauffeur + 1 passenger
  • SUV (Crysta / Xylo / Innova): Chauffeur + 2 passengers
  • Mercedes V-Class / Alphard (7 seater): Chauffeur + 2 passengers
  • Tempo Traveler long base / MB Sprinter (17 seater): Chauffeur + 8 passengers
  • Toyota Coaster / MB Sprinter (15 seater): Chauffeur + 7 passengers
  • Tempo Traveler (13 seater): Chauffeur + 6 passengers
  • Toyota Commuter (10 seater): Chauffeur + 4 passengers
  • Mini Bus (22 seater): Chauffeur + 9 passengers
  • Bus (35 seater): Chauffeur + Helper + 14 passengers
  • Volvo Bus (45 seater): Chauffeur + Helper + 18 passengers


Is it advisable to use the Air Conditioner in the vehicles during the journey:

It is not advisable to use an Air conditioner in the vehicle. It is advisable to keep all the windows open to ensure proper ventilation and fresh air flow.


Is there any requirement of any Vehicle Pass/letter to commute:

  • Yes, as per the Govt. guidelines, these requirements need to be fulfilled by the client.
  • The client is required to get the Vehicle Pass issued by the appropriate Govt. authority.


What advice shall be an offer to our company colleagues/travelers when they are using the Cab / Employee Transport Service?

  • While boarding/de-boarding the vehicle, it is recommended that the guest should let the chauffeur only open and close the door of the vehicle.  In case the guest has luggage, let the chauffeur open and close the boot for the guest so that they can keep/take out the luggage themself (to avoid any contact with the guest’s belongings).
  • Guest should carry their own Mask, Hand sanitizer, and water bottle for the journey.
  • Once the guest is seated in the vehicle, they should avoid unnecessary movement inside the vehicle and should also avoid touching any buttons, AC vents, etc.
  • In case the guest is traveling in an SUV or a Tempo Traveler or a Bus with other co-passengers, they should sit in a Zig-Zag formation, like in the image given below.


FAQ Documents and SOPs During Covid-19 2 FAQ Documents and SOPs During Covid-19 3










While boarding/de-boarding from the vehicle, they should maintain social distance.

While signing off the duty slip, the guest should use their own pen.

In case the duty is being closed on the Driver’s App, guests can use ECO’s OTP facility so that they don’t need to sign on the driver app (mobile screen) with their finger or using chauffeur’s stylus.

Have a look at our car disinfection process


What is it that ECO is doing at their end to mitigate the risk of Covid’19:

     ECO has created a detailed SOP to guard against Covid’19.

Some of the key points are:

  • After every ride, chauffeur to clean and disinfect the vehicle using the disinfectant. The commonly touched parts such as armrests, seat belts, and buckles, door handles, cup holders, and window buttons should be properly disinfected immediately after the ride, using an alcohol-based high-grade disinfectant.
  • Regular training to our chauffeurs to ensure there is no physical contact with a passenger or their bags (only greet the passengers with a smile and a ‘Namaste’).
  • Briefing our chauffeurs to ensure that doors of the vehicle should always be opened/closed by chauffeur only (not passenger) and the passenger should not touch any areas of the vehicle interior or exterior with his own hands. Once the passengers are seated comfortably, they should not move around too much or and minimize their movements inside the vehicle.
  • Keep AC off, all windows should be open to ensure proper air ventilation.
  • The chauffeur should wear a mask and gloves at all times and maintain social distance.
  • Hand sanitizer to be kept in all vehicles.
  • Remove items like Newspapers, Water bottles to mitigate the risk of any germs.
  • As part of our training, request guests to use OTP for sign-off on Driver App. In case of a paper duty slip, request the guest to use their own pen to sign.
  • Passengers and chauffeurs should have minimum verbal communication during the journey to avoid any airborne bacteria.
  • Use of Arogya Setu App so that they can be alerted if they are near an infected person.
  • Covid helping number where ECO chauffeurs can contact 24×7 for any assistance.

We have prepared detailed SOP being implemented on 3 C’s (Company – Chauffeur – Car) Read 3 C’s

FAQ Documents and SOPs During Covid-19 4

ECO is working 24×7 to provide transport service to our clients who are in essential services business;

To ensure hygienic cars & chauffeurs for our guests, click here on this Video Link to take a look at our car disinfection process.

Together, let us fight Covid’19 by taking the necessary precautions.