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Bhopal Car Rentals & City Information

Bhopal lies on the banks of a enormous lake spanning several square miles, dominating its landscape and giving it a magnetic, mesmerizing quality. The serenity of the lake is perhaps is responsible for an air of almost deliberate lethargy and gratification. Bhopal once a small, sleepy picturesque town with lush forests and laid-back days of shikars, picnics and quiet fishing trips is the capital of the state of Madhya Pradesh. But still, in the wake industrialization and growth resulting in con-flux of people, Bhopal retains its eternal quaintness and charm. Situated along the slopes of a sandstone ridge in the north-western part of Madhya Pradesh, the city was built by King Bhoj in the 11th century. The region was a part of the Mughal Empire till 1707. The Begums of the royal family ruled it for almost a hundred years, before Nawab Hamidullah, son of Nawab Sultan Jahan, the third Begum, ascended the throne in 1926. He acceded Bhopal to India in 1947.

About Bhopal :

City Bhopal
State Madhya Pradesh
Nearest Airport Name Bhopal Airport
Airport Code BHO
Distance From Airport To City Center 25 Kms
Railway Station Bhopal Railway Station
Distance From Railway Station To City 20 Kms

Places of Tourist Interest :

Name of Place

Distance from City Center


45 Kms

Van Vihar National Park

40 Kms

Upper Lake

30 Kms

Bharat Bhawan

25 Kms

Lower Lake

29 Kms

Shaukat Mahal

45 Kms

Kms Moti Masjid

35 Kms

Museum of Mankind (Tribal Habitat)

25 Kms

Birla Museum

20 Kms

Jama Masjid

30 Kms

Gohar Mahal

28 Kms

Archaeological Museum

40 Kms


25 Kms


375 Kms

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