Eco Mobility redefines Car Rentals in the Post Covid World

As the world prepares for post-Covid travel, one of the biggest factors that reassure travelers will be the level of hygiene and sanitization in all modes of transport. While cars will be the most preferred mode, the car rental industry is readying itself for a post COVID world.  A leading player in India, ECO Mobility is all prepared with the best-in-class industry-leading standards for guest and chauffeur safety:

ECO Mobility, India’s leading car rental company today unveiled EcoSecure,  a thoughtful set of multi-faceted 360-degree contactless precautionary measures for its travelers, chauffeurs, and employees, at every step of the travel journey, redefining safety and hygiene standards for the industry.

Commenting on the contactless service and hygiene and sanitization process, Rajesh Loomba, Managing Director at Eco Mobility said – “The comprehensive set of precautionary measures classified by our team as the 3Cs  – Car, Chauffeur, and Company, are aimed to avoid cross-contamination and mitigate the risk of COVID19 spread, thereby to ensure the utmost safe ride for travelers and chauffeurs”. The 6 Highlights are:

  1. Every vehicle goes through a periodic disinfection process using a high-grade imported disinfectant. The solution once applied as a layer is proven to provide prevention from contamination and kills 99.9% of germs and bugs.
  2. Also, the cars are sanitized by the chauffeurs after every trip using a sanitizer solution which will be sprayed on the commonly touched parts such as armrests, seat belts, and buckle, door handles, cup holders, and window buttons thoroughly. Similarly, any Self Drive car is fully sanitized in the garage post every rental.
  3. Also based on the traveler’s prior request, a car with an Isolation cabin for the driver is provided, so that travelers can enjoy confident safe travel.
  4. ECO’s Chauffeurs who always maintain a high standard of hygiene and professionalism, are provided with a sufficient quantity of PPEs such as Masks, Gloves and they also carry a digital thermometer and hand sanitizers during every trip
  5. They are being continuously trained and updated about the precautionary steps to prevent the spread of COVID19 and they have diligently embraced the social distance practices like greeting with a bow rather than a handshake and ensuring zero physical contact
  6. ECO is also equipped with high-grade technologies to assist in seamless contactless online booking tools, contactless OTP-based trip authentication, and a 24/7 support team present across PAN India to ensure a superior travel experience. The invoice and e trip sheet post-trip is emailed to the traveler or corporate accounts, ruling out any contact with the paper.

With a legacy of more than 47 years of history in the industry and being the most awarded car rental company in India including 4 National awards by Govt of India and 2 awards by Dun and Bradstreet, by pioneering these industry practices, the brand has strengthened its claim as India’s most favored rental transport provider facilitating safe, high-comfort travel.  The company today boasts 800 plus highly satisfied corporate clients and has its presence in 90+ cities in India and 130+ countries worldwide with a fleet size of more than 7000 cars providing a bouquet of services including Self-drive and Chauffeur-drive.