ECOs Commitments for Safe Ground Transportation During Covid19

ECO is fully committed to providing a safe and reliable ground transportation experience for our clients. Our No. 1 priority is always the well-being, health & safety of our esteemed guests, our employees, and our partners.

Navigating through the COVID-19 together

With our government authorities taking critical steps to curb the spread of this novel coronavirus, we see ourselves as a provider of a Critical Service by contributing to provide safe & comfortable ground transportation services for our esteemed clients/guests. We have been supporting our clients for the essential services that are exempted by the respective state governments during the lockdown period. frontline team has been working selflessly with various Embassies/Consulates to evacuate their citizens who are stuck in various parts of India during the lockdown period. When the lockdown is lifted, we are hoping to be back on track taking all precautionary measures and follow the guidelines of the government.

Your safety, as well as the safety of our people, is our #1 priority!

As organizations are preparing for a post Covid19 world, we have received queries with FAQs about Ground Transportation services for their employees.

Ground transportation is one of the most essential services whereby all stakeholders need to exercise precautions to stay safe in these unprecedented times.

We are pleased to share with you the FAQ documents and SOPs that we have prepared, which you and your colleagues can also adopt to mitigate health and safety risks while using Ground Transportation.

In addition to the reinforced vehicle cleaning measures, we have already incorporated additional safety protocols to prevent cross-contamination of COVID19, broadly classified as the 3Cs

  1. Car: All the cars to be disinfected by using the high-grade disinfectant. The solution once applied provides prevention from contamination and kills 99.9% of germs. Also, the cars will be sanitized by the chauffeurs after every trip using the Sanitisation solution which will be sprayed on the commonly touched parts All the cars to be disinfected by using the high-grade disinfectant. The solution once applied provides prevention from contamination and kills 99.9% of germs. An Isolation cabin, by using plastic transparent sheets and neatly applied duct tapes, will be created inside the car for the chauffeurs to drive and travel freely with the guest. 
  2. Chauffeur: While our Chauffeurs always maintain high standards of personal hygiene, we have added SOPs for additional safety protocols and the precautionary steps: Chauffeurs are being trained to greet the guest with a smile and Namaste (strictly no handshake) and doors of the vehicle should always be opened/closed by him only. It is recommended that AC is not used and the window of both sides be down. They have been advised to Self-declare on every trip as Asymptomatic to COVID-19 on ECO App or physical form. They have been instructed to wear Freshly washed masks and gloves while performing any duty. They will also ensure the hand sanitizer is in the car for the guest and himself. They have been instructed to maintain zero physical contact and distance with the guest. For guest luggage placement the chauffeur must not touch the luggage unless explicitly requested by the guest. In such a scenario the chauffeur must sanitize hands before and after placing the luggage. Passengers and chauffeurs to have minimum verbal communication during the journey to avoid any airborne bacteria to be spread while talking. The App duties will get closed through the OTP process. This is implemented to avoid any contact with the chauffeur’s smartphone/duty slip/trip sheet for the chauffeur and client’s safety. In case the guest is not carrying his own pen than before offering the stylus/pen it has to be sanitized by the chauffeur.
  3. Company:   Once, the lockdown restrictions are lifted & offices are operational, necessary precautionary measures such as thorough sanitization of office area, regular supply of hand sanitizers, Installation of step ‘n’ pull foot-operated device in. doors to avoid holding the handle, PPE for dispatchers who perform Quality Check at the branches in addition to the current sanitization measures are planned to be incorporated.

ECOs Commitments for Safe Ground Transportation During Covid19 2

We are here to help

If you have any questions about the car sanitization cost or the precautionary measures, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via phone or email. Additionally, if you’d like to discuss this in person, we’ll be glad to schedule a meeting with you over a V.C.

ECOS (I) Mobility & Hospitality Pvt Ltd, as a leading ground transportation service provider, has a 47-years+ tradition of service & is the most awarded car rental company in India.

Throughout this COVID19 period and also in the future, we will do everything in our power to continue our mission to provide you hassle-free mobility services, with safety and flexibility.

Please stay safe. Together we will emerge stronger!