Q. What documents should a driver carry while driving?

Ans: The following documents should be carried while driving:

1. Driving License
2. Registration certificate
3. Taxation Certificate
4. P.U.C Certificate
5. Insurance Certificate.
6. Fitness Certificate and permit.

Q. What is “Highway Hypnosis”? How to control it?

Ans: “Highway Hypnosis” or “Drowsiness” is a lack of sleep or fatigue experienced by drivers usually on highways. It hampers the driving ability of the drivers. Drivers can combat hypnosis by taking frequent intervals while driving, whilst taking coffee, exercise or nap.

Q. What is “2 Seconds” Rule?

Ans: This rule is used to measure a safe distance between two vehicles. According to this rule: “There should be a two second difference between two vehicles when they pass a stationary object on road side”.

Q. What is a “Safe Speed” for driving?

Ans: A “Safe Speed” for driving is a relative term. Drivers should negotiate speed while driving on the road depending upon the traffic and weather conditions.

Q. What skills are needed to drive safely?

Ans: Skills required to drive safely can be enlisted as follows:

1. Good vision.
2. Quick reactions.
3. Good co-ordination.
4. Marked ability to take decisions and judge the traffic conditions.

Q. What steps can be taken to ensure safety on roads while driving?

Ans:Following points should be kept in mind:

1. Keep the glasses and mirrors clean.
2. Keep speed under control.
3. Do not drive under influence of drugs and alcohol.


Q. What precautions need to be taken while vehicle crashes?

Ans: In case of vehicle crash, always slow down and park your vehicle at the road side and then look for what has happened. Never apply sudden breaks. Use hand signals in case of emergency.

Q. What are the duties of a driver in case of an accidents?

Ans: The driver duties include:

1. Arrange some medical help.
2. Police Enquiry.

Q. Can I use mobile phone while driving?

Ans: No. According to the rule, mobile phones should be switched off while driving.

Q. Can a person other than drivers use mobile phone while driving?

Ans: Yes, the occupants of the vehicle other than the driver himself can use mobile phones.

Traffic and driving in India is a little chaotic but don’t be stressed and enjoy the drive. Rest assured your Chauffeur is well trained and experienced in driving conditions here.