With Holi just around the corner, you cannot stop but make some innovative, water balloon plans! Why not try something different this year? Plan a driveway this year for the unique festival of Holi. What’s the harm? Nothing!!

You play the same type of Holi every year. Smearing, colours on your parents first, grabbing some gujiya and visiting your friends, playing with them. The same old planning, of targeting innocent people, with water guns and balloons.

Why be monotonous? You can think of Holi as an opportunity for a crazy getaway- celebrate it in a different state, with different people adding ten times more fun and enthusiasm to your merriment!

To help you plan your Holi getaway, we bring you some destination driveways; drive to your favourite destination and celebrate Holi with a twist this 2020!


  • Mathura Vrindavan

Two cities, or rather one is only 150km away from Delhi, meaning it will only take you approximately 3hr and 30 minutes if you are a resident of the capital city. A quick getaway within hours forget days, and you get to experience all the craziness Mathura and Vrindavan have in store to offer to you.

Many different types of Holi is celebrated there; the celebrations begin ten days in advance! You get to experience, Phoolon ki Holi, Lath Mar Holi, Widows ki Holi, the enchanting Mathura procession, the serene Holi celebration in Banke Bihari Temple and a lot more by taking a trip to this ultimate Holi destination.

Lodging and accommodations are more accessible there, Dharamshalas which offer rooms on a nightly basis are the cheapest way of saving money that would otherwise be spent on hotels. Neither is food a problem because there are, a lot of local restaurants that offer good quality Indian food—overall it makes for a perfect driveway destination for this Holi.


  • Agra

The second closest city, which is nearly 230kms away and you can reach there with non-stop driving in just 4 hours. To avoid any traffic, we suggest you leave early morning so that by 9/10 am you are in the city, and you have the whole to explore, play and chill.

Agra is the hub to most amazing Holi parties, with parties not just on Holi but even after Holi. Moreover, if you haven’t seen the Taj Mahal, you can visit it and then later on the backside of the Taj Mahal you can enjoy the sunset while playing Holi with kids from the nearby village giving you pure bliss!

Apart from that, the Holi bashes will have good music, new giddy faces, food and tons of colour and dancing! Just one short trip and be able you’ll visit the Taj Mahal after enjoying a good day of fun and partying. Agra has some decent Hotels and Lodges that you can pre-book and enjoy a pleasant stay there.


  • Chandigarh

Whoever has relatives there knows how close it is, nearly 240km and takes about 5 hours for you to reach the city. The city is compact and if you have your vehicle for commuting that’s the best. It’s an amazing city, clean, green and spacious.

It is also the host to some fantastic pool parties with lots of drinks, colours, dhol, and water sports. You check some websites and you’ll know there are a bunch of parties happening all over Chandigarh. Some offer poolside partying, some good music and dhol to dance your heart out. Other ways to celebrate include, farmhouse-style Holi parties, some have rain dance Holi celebration, and a few high-end ones also have stars performing their gigs at these parties.

No matter what your preference for partying is, Chandigarh has everything for you. Finding a good hotel is a little tricky, as the bookings for the Holi have been opened since January and finding a decent, economical hotel might prove to be challenging.

However, you can look for OYO Rooms to secure a good deal. Food is never an issue there; you have the famous PAL Dhabha, which offers impressive vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. They have multiple branches all over Chandigarh, so you will not have trouble looking for good food joints.


  • Chokhi Dhani

A little dash of rural India never hurts anyone. If you want to plan a decent family outing on Holi, then you can surely visit Chokhi Dhani in Jaipur. It is close to 271km from Delhi and takes about 5 hrs for you to reach there. Moreover, it opens up after 5:30 pm; therefore, you can spend your Holi with friends during the day and later in the afternoon leave for Chokhi Dhani.

The village has some fantastic food and entertainment for its guests. From an excellent display of art and craftsmanship to the entertaining gigs of firework, folk dancing, and folk music; the place deserves appreciation. The management there especially plans some skits for the guests/tourist to make their Holi memorable.

You get to celebrate Holi with a lot more calmness, and true happiness is what you take away. Moreover, you can even stay in Jaipur and then can do some site seeing. You’ll have a very refreshing Holi because besides Chokhi Dhani the food in Jaipur is delicious! Do not think twice, hurry and plan your driveway today!


These are some of the nearby destinations, but if you wish to plan a proper getaway, you can look upon different websites and book your complete tour package today. Moreover, destinations like Neemrana Palace make for the most exquisite getaway spot, and you return feeling relaxed and content.

All these were the closest driveaway destinations where you will have the comfort of your driving and the fun of Holi intact in one short trip. The same old ways wash out the fun from everything, and to maintain the zest you have to try something new. This time, celebrate Holi with a tone of newness and revive the zeal, for which the festival is known.

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